Psychiatric Physician Assistant

I am a graduate of Stanford University’s Primary Care Associate Program where I completed my Physician Assistant program. Being a California native I have practiced extensively in the bay area in a variety of settings including psychiatry, family practice, gastroenterology and urgent care.

My psychiatric expertise covers treatment of adults with a myriad of conditions, encompassing major depression, anxiety, bipolar, attention deficit and eating disorders, among others. I am passionate in my belief that a holistic approach when treating individuals leads to the best outcomes. I incorporate physical, mental and emotional well-being into my patients’ personalized care plans, fostering a partnership dedicated to helping patients function at the best of their capacity.
I address medical management of symptoms, education regarding psychopharmacology and lifestyle changes, emphasizing wellness and healthy life style choices. Utilizing the numerous therapy options of integrated neuropsychiatry including cognitive/behavioral techniques, sleep hygiene, mindfulness, faith based practices, patient education, eskatamine and transcranial magnetic stimulation, I support my patients on their path to optimizing their well-being.

I am on the board of directors for Bay Area Non Docs and continue to support California chapters for Advanced Practice Providers. I have been a guest lecturer at Stanford University’s Primary Care Associate Program, proctoring student evaluations and mentoring up and coming PA students.

License Number: PA 12112

Education: Stanford University

Ages Treated: 18+