Our Psychotherapy Services support individuals with mental health challenges.

With highquality therapists, those challenges are opportunities to grow and change. Our services are rooted in empathy and are provided by therapists specializing in various behavioral health disorders and mental illnesses.

Our therapists begin each session by working together with their clients to identify the client’s presenting problem and create a treatment plan. They each have a unique approach, using evidencebased theories to help their clients develop the ability to be resilient in the face of adversity. Although each session is different, psychotherapy patients can expect their therapist to help them:

  • Identify and use their natural strengths.
  • Understanding their symptoms and decoding what activates their stress response.
  • Learn coping mechanisms to replace maladaptive coping strategies that do not align with who they are becoming.
  • Understanding the client’s history and experiences informs treatment approaches and modalities used in a session.
  • Navigate challenges with a beginner’s mind and help the client develop a perspective that encourages the client to live a more rewarding life.

Therapy typically involves weekly or monthly sessions for an average of six months. Some people continue to see their therapists on an asneeded basis for maintenance or as a preventative measure. Here at LGTC, we take pride in ensuring the highest quality care no matter the timeline and the individualistic approach.

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The patient coordinator will schedule an initial assessment appointment, usually within three business days of submitting the form. The patient care coordinator will contact you to review and verify your information and help you set up an assessment based on your needs.

Scheduling your appointment

You will be provided with a behavioral health questionnaire, which you should complete before your initial assessment appointment.