Ketamine Treatment

Highly is highly effective for treatment-resistant depression, making it an excellent option for patients when past treatments have not product satisfactory results

Traditional antidepressants can take weeks to work and may cause disruptive side effects. Low-dose ketamine administered in a controlled clinical setting has shown more rapid efficiency than SSRIs in treating depression.

We offer a comprehensive, individualized approach that may integrate various therapeutic modalities. Prior to initiating ketamine treatment, we conduct a thorough assessment to determine its appropriateness.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine, originally developed as a pediatric anesthetic, has demonstrated significant efficacy in treating depression. Its therapeutic potential stems from two key mechanisms:

Anti-inflammatory properties: Research has linked inflammation in the brain’s pathophysiology to depressive symptoms. Ketamine’s anti-inflammatory action may help alleviate these symptoms.

 Neurogenesis promotion: Ketamine has shown potential to stimulate neurogenesis—the growth and development of new neurons—which can contribute to its antidepressant effects.

Ketamine’s approach to treating depression differs markedly from conventional antidepressants:

Rapid onset: Unlike SSRIs, which require weeks to alter brain chemistry, ketamine can modify neurotransmitter activity almost immediately.

Glutamate modulation: At low doses, ketamine triggers a surge in glutamate, a key neurotransmitter. This increase promotes the growth of brain synapses.

Neural restoration: The glutamate surge stimulates and strengthens neural connections in brain regions affected by depression. This process can restore and improve brain circuit function.

Why Ketamine?


Ketamine operates via a distinct mechanism compared to conventional antidepressants. Recent clinical studies on this well-established medication have demonstrated remarkable outcomes for patients with various depressive disorders and compulsive syndromes.


Approximately 75% of patients exhibit a swift therapeutic response following ketamine administration. The beneficial effects can potentially persist for several months, offering sustained relief.


Ketamine has been in clinical use since the 1960s, boasting an exemplary safety record. For depression treatment, we employ low-dose ketamine protocols, utilizing concentrations significantly lower than those typically administered in surgical settings. Each patient receives a carefully tailored dosage regimen to ensure optimal therapeutic benefit and safety.

Delivery Methods

At LGTC, we use SPRAVATO®, the only FDA-approved nasal spray for adult patients with two forms of challenging-to-treat major depressive disorder (MDD) for our low-dose ketamine treatment.

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