Neuropsychological Testing

When cognitive difficulties begin to impair function, and the cause is unclear, neuropsychological testing can assist in diagnosis.

Cognitive deficits and impaired cognitive function may be due to a wide variety of diagnoses, including psychiatric disorders, substance use disorders, neurodegenerative diseases (e.g., Alzheimer’s), acquired brain injuries (e.g., concussion, traumatic brain injury, stroke), or cognitive issues stemming from medical complications (e.g., surgeries, chronic vascular problems).

Through a series of comprehensive assessments, neuropsych testing evaluates a patient’s brain health and behavior. This evaluation establishes cognitive strengths and weaknesses relative to intellectual functioning, provides diagnostic clarity, and may help develop a treatment plan for the patient. A neuropsychologist often does this type of testing with special training in this area. The loved ones of people suffering from cognitive decline or impairment often find LGTC’s approach to treatment planning to be effective with rehabilitation strategies and interventions to improve the quality of life for the patient.

We can help you assess if neuropsychological testing is a good option for you.

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