After completing my psychiatric residency at Nassau University Medical Center and addiction psychiatry fellowship training at University of Massachusetts Medical Center, I have worked in multiple settings including emergency room, inpatient acute care, detoxification center, drug rehabilitation, outpatient, as well as at a correctional facility.
Working in these various settings have exposed me to various psychiatric illnesses in different settings with varying severity. I focused on patient-centric treatment and have realized the importance of patients understanding the illness and making treatment choices based on their complete understanding. I include different psychotherapy modalities to complement the medications used to stabilize patients. I have taken interest in helping patient suffering with treatment resistant depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, ADHD, schizophrenia, OCD, panic disorders, eating disorders, impulse control disorders and co-occurring substance abuse disorders. I firmly believe that patient’s active participation in the treatment and having good understanding of the illness facilitates quick stabilization and good outcomes. Since the completion of my training in 2013, I had been fortunate enough to take up on multiple leadership roles and develop programs with core emphasis on overall patient’s well-being with patient’s active role in designing those programs. I was awarded five-star excellence award in 2017 ((Professional Research Consultants, inc for scoring in the top 10% nationally for ‘Excellent’ responses- Psychiatry Overall Quality of Physician Care).

License Number: A132233

Education: Saba University School Of Medicine

Ages Treated: 18+