I am a general adult psychiatrist with experience treating a variety of conditions and a special interest in OCD, student-athlete mental health, mood and anxiety disorders. I employ a holistic view of mental health that first requires being curious about the unique dynamics that might be affecting your well-being. While medications are often important, I also believe in addressing aspects of one’s lifestyle (sleep, exercise, diet) and examining interpersonal, occupational, among other stressors in a judgement-free, supportive environment.

Every person has their own lived experience and I strive to partner with you to develop a treatment plan that works for your individual needs. During residency I received extensive training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and exposure/response prevention therapy and work to incorporate aspects of these into my work. Above all, I hope to empower you to identify and apply your intrinsic strengths to tackle life’s challenges.

License Number: A185804

Education: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Ages Treated: 18+