Just-In-Time (JIT) Concierge

JIT is a concierge service designed to address any non-routine requests to your provider. A dedicated psychiatric provider will be available for a short appointment on an expedited basis to evaluate any non-routine and urgent needs you may have on the same day or the next business day.


JIT can be used to address the following concerns:


  • Answer any questions regarding medication treatment
  • Provide stop-gap medication refills until your next routine appointment
  • Accommodate prescriptions in time sensitive situations
  • Case management and coordination of care
  • Assist with insurance prior authorization of prescriptions or other treatments


This new Just-In-Time concierge psychiatric service is designed to complement your routine care and streamline your treatment. During the appointment, a psychiatric provider will contact you by phone, Zoom or through the patient portal. During the appointment, they will gather any required information, contact your treating provider (if necessary), and provide a resolution to your request.


Please call our 800 number (800) 913 – 2615 and select option 3 to leave a message. A staff member will get back to you within 4 hours to schedule JIT appointment. Our goal is to provide same day appointments.

No. Although this provider is licensed to offer medical advice and prescribe medications, the appointment is not designed to provide routine psychiatric care.

Yes, the clinician conducting your appointment will communicate with your treating provider as needed to collaborate on best treatment options for you.

Most requests could be completed within 30 minutes although typically only a few minutes of your time may be required. The interactions with the provider are mostly done by phone but may also be in writing through LGTC’s secure patient portal.

The service may include the following activities:
1. Patient chart review (e.g., review of test, records, labs).
2. Obtaining and/or reviewing separately obtained history.
3. Performing a medically necessary exam and/or evaluation.
4. Counseling and educating the patient/family/caregiver.
5. Ordering medications, tests, or procedures.
6. Referring and communicating with other healthcare professionals.
7. Documenting clinical information in the electronic or paper health record.
8. Independently interpreting results of tests/labs and communicating results to the patient/family/caregiver
9. Care coordination.

You may still message your treating provider; however, you may encounter a longer response time. Your insurance can be billed for any time spent by your treating provider in addressing your request outside of regularly scheduled appointments.

No, this service does not include psychotherapy.

Need to Schedule an Appointment?

Call us at (800) 913-2615, option 3.