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South Bay residential treatment center offers support for teens with eating disorders

By  admin

1 month ago

We opened the South Bay’s first and only residential eating disorder treatment center for teenagers earlier this month. The new treatment center was featured in a Mercury News article.

Read full article here.

Caring For An Aging Loved One’s Mental Health

8 months ago

The signs may be subtle at first: An older loved one no longer shows interest in something he or she used to deeply enjoy, or can’t keep up with the dishes or the laundry. Perhaps he or she stops making plans with friends or family or makes excuses to avoid going…

Protecting Your Mental Health During The Coronavirus Pandemic

10 months ago

The daily counts of COVID-19 cases and deaths tell the public story of the coronavirus outbreak. Privately, the effects of the pandemic aren’t as clear. The new reality of social distancing and other safety measures is testing everyone, and those living with mental illness may find this time even more challenging if…

How To Care For Your Kids’ Mental Health During The Covid-19 Pandemic

10 months ago

It’s no secret that traumatic events and disrupted routines can impact children’s mental health. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are wondering how this period of isolation and uncertainty will affect their kids. Fortunately, there are many ways parents and caregivers can ease the emotional blow off this difficult experience. “During…